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5 thoughts on “Live: President Trump and First Lady Melania INSPIRATIONAL National Christmas Tree Lightning

  • December 2, 2017 at 8:35 am

    Note: this
    is my opinion, except where proven: To put it in a nut shell: fuck (profanity
    needed here) the Agenda 21 Depopulation plan, and the Zionists (according to
    Joe Biden: “one does not have to be a Jew to be a Zionist.”), Talmud, Thelema,
    Satanic (witchcraft implementing regardless of your finishing school poison)
    Bohemian Grove child murdering abominations who sold their souls in order to
    become an abomination in order to worship to Satan and in order to blaspheme
    God, because recruitment sends you to boot camp (e.g., debasing their very
    nature and screwing and killing children, because as the Holy Bible says in The
    Book of Matthew: Chapter 19; verses 13-15: 13Then were little children
    presented to him, that he should impose hands upon them and pray. And the
    disciples rebuked them. 14But Jesus said to them: Suffer the little children,
    and forbid them not to come to me: for the kingdom of heaven is for such. 15And
    when he had imposed hands upon them, he departed from thence.). Rendering God’s
    creation as an “anti-creation” is how a Satanists operate, which includes
    debasing the very nature that God gave to them and mankind. Breaking the 10
    commandments on a daily basis is Par for the course.

    Today is
    November 26, 2017 and I have been trying to sell my book to bookshops. Due to
    this, I have a marketing website (mathematicatheologica[dot]com) set up for a
    free preview of my book. I check this website periodically, and just found a
    typo at the explanation of my book, which wasn’t there before.

    This is done
    by the Freemasons (with the authority of the F.B.I), because it disproves their
    con artist “religion,” which utilizes the Theory of Evolution (upon which is
    based “the monolithic conspiracy” as spoken of by John F. Kennedy shortly
    before he was assassinated; note: said conspiracy structure is corporate and
    Satanic in nature, and I will address this as well in this comment while
    addressing the G.O.P. tax grift; e.g., Hillary Clinton thinking that she should
    be President “because it’s her turn to fuck America.”) to justify their
    tyrannical treatment of people (e.g., fucking your kids, nailing them to a
    cross, and drinking their blood while they wear pantyhose at the Bohemian Grove
    while worshipping Moloch through as Zionist stance; e.g., see the “John
    Podesta” video on Youtube where “John” is burning the kids in the shower; note:
    the Hasidic Jews denounce the Zionists movement).

    The new
    G.O.P. tax plan is part of Agenda 21, with the first priority of Agenda 21
    being DEPOPULATION. According to an elitist website, and the Georgia Guide
    stones (coincidentally?), America will be depopulated by 95 percent by 2025.

    To give a
    recent basis, let’s start with the Vietnam War; note: depopulation has been
    going on in America since WWI, at least, which is why the Third Secret of
    Fatima occurred when it did, and why the four priests at Hiroshima were spared
    death, and lived a long life, in order to give credibility to Heaven’s warning
    for mankind regarding the Freemasons (do you think that the Jewish people who
    were exterminated in Nazi Germany during WWII were exterminated due to their
    allegiance to the Torah, instead of the Talmud, by the Zionists who do not have
    to be Jewish for membership purposes?).

    The Vietnam
    War was one big depopulation campaign. Think about it. In a country the size of
    Florida (and with a similar shape), no ground was held (e.g., taking a hill,
    only in order to abandon it and then kill off a platoon or two trying to take
    it back. Is this called “playing grab ass?”). All that needed to be done was to
    advance northward while establishing a line of bases, and then cover the rear.
    No progress was made throughout the Vietnam War. So, why was it done?
    Depopulation and Agenda 21. Americans chase the Viet Cong around a jungle and
    kill each other and the enemy does the same until the numbers are satisfactory
    and the people behind the conspiracy get rich enough for the time being. The
    children of a lesser god (i.e., the “lower brass”) get to play patriot games
    regardless of whether or not they know what is really going on. If you look
    back on that era, you will notice that the politicians were straight-up lying
    to the people in order to benefit from ill-gotten gains. I think that some of
    those same bastards are still in office.

    Let me
    address The Federal Reserve System (and it’s owners) and The Bohemian Grovers
    who have to conduct satanic sacrifice according to the previously stated
    corporate structure in order to gain more satanic power (because as soon as you
    sign your name in blood, which is the price of admission into the workforce of
    Satan, you have no more equity to trade with Satan because you are then sold
    out; i.e., you are then an abomination as spoken of in The Holy Bible. Note: I
    will give the appropriate passages after I address the current state of
    corruption, and note that in The Apocalypse of Saint John, chapter 9 verse 11,
    that this specific verse speaks of the god of the Zionists and the Bohemian

  • December 2, 2017 at 8:35 am

    Yeah… Charlie Brown music… Got to love it again… Thank You God For President Trump.


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