Magic kyun! Renaissance Episode 3 “Inspiration in an Album”

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Kohana is selected to do an arrangement of her specialty to everyone. She looks for inspiration in her mother’s flower arrangement album and decides to do one of her mother’s arrangements. When she does her demonstration, there are no sparkles. She is given a second chance, but she feels discouraged and confused. Afterwards, Teika confronts her, saying that her arrangement was unimpressive and that her position in the Hoshi Fest Committee is in danger. Kohana refutes him and says that someone like him would not be able to understand her struggles. Todo, her teacher, gives Kohana a key to the room her mother used to do her flower arrangements. She attempts arrangements again, finding success in putting what she wants to say in her arrangement: that she is happy to be at Hoshigei, gets to see her friends’ sparkles every day and looks forward to the future. She finishes the arrangement, and it produces sparkles that turn into a huge cherry blossom tree, which shoots to the sky and makes a hole in the roof. The petals falling from the tree inspire Louis Anjo and Kanato Hibiki to join the Hoshi Fest meetings.


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