Meeting With an Interior Designer? Here is What You Need to Share!

The initial meeting with a Seattle interior designer can be both exciting and overwhelming. However, it is important to communicate as best you can and share your views, opinions and design expectations. To fully understand your personal style, an interior designer needs you to be prepared with both information as well as examples of your personal design preferences. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while meeting with a professional designer:

Share your failures:

It may seem embarrassing, but sharing your failed decorating attempts with a professional can be incredibly valuable. By showing examples of what you have tried in the past but found to not work for you and your family, a designer can move forward with design alternatives that will fix any existing problems with layout, room organization, furniture choices and even wall colors.

Share your lifestyle:

One of the most important pieces of information that you can offer your interior designer is an in-depth description of how, when and why you use your personal space. For example, are you seeking only family-friendly design ideas? Are you wishing to live a “greener” lifestyle with only sustainable, all natural materials? Or are you running a business from your home and need an office among your living space? All of these situations call for inventive and innovative interior design and by having this information ready prior to your consultation you can help your designer fully understand your needs.

Share your inspirations:

In addition to sharing your failed decorating attempts and lifestyle needs, it is also important to share the things, places and people that inspire you. An interior designer’s first responsibility is to make sure that your space reflects who you are. You can help with this step by supplying your designer with some visual examples of your own personal inspirations. Share with your designer anything that affects you creatively, emotionally or spiritually. These objects are not necessarily accessories or artifacts but can be anything from photos of your personal travels, articles from your favorite decorating magazines or even a few pages from your favorite coffee table book. The more examples you give the more “you” your space will be.

Share your budget:

All Seattle interior design firms will need an approximate budget when working through the initial details. It may not seem important to have a budget amount for the first few consultations but the truth is price point matters and is quite often the deciding factor when choosing anything from furniture and accessories to building materials and lighting fixtures. If you liked this article, tell all your friends about it. They’ll thank you for it. If you have a blog or website, you can link to it or even post it to your own site (don’t forget to mention as the original source.

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