(MMD x FNAF) Inspiration [6900+ Subs]

EDIT: The models are no longer available for download! Thanks to those who downloaded! Hopefully you have fun with them! ^^

Omg thank you so much guys!~ I didn’t know I would make it this far x’D

I’ll finally release my TC And TB models that has been once exclusive but now it’s fine xD

Sorry if TB is not in the video~

Oh yah expect Toy Chica to have more glitches~ Her editing was really tough and a chellenge
-Tda Toy Chica V2 by me (Shiruu-han)

-Inspiration by Ureshiiiiii

-Fnaf Stage by Amiamy111

-Unknown Brain – Inspiration (feat. Aviella)


[Programs Used]
-MikuMikuEffect Ver.3.1
-Sony Vegas Pro 13

~I hope you Enjoy!~
~Thanks for watching!~
{©Shiruu-han and Awe-kun 2017}


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