Motivation Keys – 3 Steps to Higher Motivation

Step 1-Inspiration. When we are inspired we can do great things. A big dream is a form of motivation that stirs us to act. If you do not have a dream here is how you get one. Think about something that you would like to have, do, or have. Once you list the reasons why you want it. Now you have your dream. Your reasons for wanting it fuels your inspiration. With high levels of inspiration coming high motivation levels. You are motivated to do the work necessary for the attainment of your dream.

Step 2-Initiative. Take the first step. Step out on faith. Do not fret over taking the perfect steps. Just beginning doing what you can to make your dream a reality. Get in the action mode. You can adjust and readjust along the way. Learn from your failures and keep moving forward. As you learn from your mistakes you will gain skills and confidence. You will be motivated by the positive results and the growth that you are experiencing because you took the initiative.

Step 3-Focus. Keep your attention on what it is that you desire and off of what you do not want. Your focus needs to be centered on your desired outcome. You'll begin to expect to obtain what you want as you focus on. Your expectation will begin to drive you. Once you are clearly focused on obtaining your dream that desire will drive you to act. You will be motivated to do what it takes.

Source by Anthony D Carter

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