Psychic Intuition – Secrets of the Human Mind

We are well aware that the human mind holds untapped intelligence. What is it? How does it work? Those are the things that we do not know. It can be that small voice that speaks to only you, giving you advance information. It can be the hunch that tells you to play certain numbers in the weekly lottery. It can be ideas that come to you during sleep. It is the instant knowing something previously unknown, without any words being spoken. It has been called the “sixth sense”, or ESP (Extra Sensory Perception).

Those moments of psychic intuition are open to our own interpretation. There is nothing to define them in our scope of human knowledge. Our scientific world has no concrete data to describe the phenomenon that is capable of accessing vast fields of knowledge, ideas and inspirations. There are some cultures that consider experiencing this power a spiritual and divine event. But, there is no way of knowing why some people have it and some don’t. The insights are mysterious and elusive. There are many people who seek to harness their “special powers”.

Psychic intuition usually comes when the mind is at rest, free from the thoughts that invade from our hectic world. Those who are attempting to develop this source of knowledge usually follow techniques of meditation. When the mind is allowed to wander, inspiration may come in the form of a feeling, a mental picture, or specific words. Developing your intuition takes practice, forbearance and persistence. For some, it may be a skill that is never mastered at all. For centuries, man has been mystified and perplexed by the concept of the untapped power of the human mind.

ESP can influence us on a daily basis. It can influence our views of the world and our relationships with one another. It can influence decisions we make in our personal and business lives. It can influence our fears and anxieties. Whether we disregard demonstrations of psychic intuition, accept them or actually attempt to develop them – most of us are intrigued by the concept of ESP. The unknown realm of the human mind fascinates us. We talk about it, we write about it, we read about it, and we watch movies about it. The “sixth sense” exists and continues to baffle mankind. Perhaps sometime in the future will we finally find the key that unlocks the answer to the mystery of the mind.

Source by Troy Truman

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