Reasons to Get Ironman Triathlon Tattoos

Often, tattoo lovers get tattoos for no obvious reason. They adorn their persona with simple, weird or sometimes thought-provoking tattoos just for the sake of getting them – with no strings attached. However, when it comes to inking their bodies with something as specific as an Ironman Triathlon one, tattoo lovers definitely have a couple or more reasons to defend or justify their actions. While most would consider the idea of tattooing oneself with a temporary event logo as a mere waste of time, funds and effort, avid followers or participants, however, will not mind giving it a try.

Since it’s no use getting the Ironman Triathlon tattoo first and then assessing the validity or rationale behind doing it, a person needs to be very sure beforehand about the reasons for getting it. Here are some valid reasons you find many out there showing off those Ironman Triathlon tattoos:

A symbol of endurance

As we know, the Ironman Triathlon is an annual, adrenaline pumping athletic competition, which requires participants to be adept at swimming, biking and running. Triathletes get M-dot – a dot above M – insignia inked on their bodies to show that they have successfully endured the various stages of this event. The insignia further signifies the importance of having a balanced personality, i.e. a perfect blend of intelligence and strength.

Allows you to express yourself

If you really want others to understand you, your prowess or interests, you definitely need to express yourself strongly. Ironman Triathlon tattoos allow a person to boast about.

Represents mental solidarity, focus and determination

Being human, we always require some sort of impetus or frequent reminders of our accomplishments to replicate them. Once you get that M-dot symbol tattooed onto your skin, you can always seek inspiration from it when you need it most. It further serves as a source of inspiration for those who plan to participate in the event or wish to succeed in any such competition.

Moreover, the tattoo symbolizes focus, as triathletes need to stay focused while participating in the event. Thus, the M-dot tattoo imparts motivation, mental solidarity, better focus and inspiration to people wearing it or others around them.

Serves as a memento of exploits

As I mentioned in the beginning, the tattoo represents how successfully a person who has endured the nerve-wracking experience and succeeded in outshining other triathletes out there. So, the Ironman Triathlon tattoo serves as a perpetual source of joy as it embodies the sense of victory which emanates from the fact that the wearer was simply better than many other participants in the triathlon.

Inspirational, unique tattoo design

Despite the fact that some people get the Ironman Triathlon tattoo because they find the design to be a unique one, we can’t completely ignore the possibility that they do it to boast about their achievement or to get attention from others.

After all, we can’t justify or defend all our actions since some of them have their roots in situations that may or may not have a permanent imprint on our psyche or personality. Similarly, when one decides to wear or actually gets a particular tattoo, the reasons may vary. Either ways – flaunt it!

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