The Road to Success – A Comeback Story

Everyone loves a good “comeback” story. Some of the best stories happen right when you think all hope is lost – or when there’s no possible way that success could happen.

One of my favorite comeback stories is Rudy-a small, blue-collar, academically challenged young man trying to achieve his ultimate dream of playing football at Notre Dame. Ironically, he had no Irish luck with him along his journey. Rudy was told “no” and was rejected time and time again by his teachers, his coaches, his family and even his girlfriend. Rudy never gave up. He worked hard and kept pursuing his passion.

Eventually, Rudy did reach his dream! He played in one football game at Notre Dame, and he was such an inspiration to his teammates, they put him on their shoulders and carried him off the field when the game was over.

Rudy’s story is an inspiration to me. Can you relate to Rudy?

My Story

My story began years ago when my daughter was in the “Junior Miss” (Distinguished Young Women) program which included talent, fitness, and the dreaded interview. I thought that my daughter could use a little boost in her interview and pageantry skills, so I looked for a pageant coach.

I discovered Barbie Bassett, who at the time was the Chief Meteorologist at WLBT in Jackson, Mississippi (and a real-life Barbie, to be honest). Coaching my daughter was her priority, yet Barbie later approached me about something entirely different, something called Rodan + Fields.

Barbie Bassett was asking me to join her in a social commerce business venture. I immediately said no. How could I possibly be successful in business when I am also a mother, wife, university employee, and community advocate?

Why NOT Me?

One year later in 2012, it suddenly hit me. How could I NOT do this?

My life was changing right before my eyes. My daughter was now a senior in high school about to leave for college, and my second daughter would soon leave for college. My husband was about to retire; my parents were getting older. Lots of Changes!

The changes in my life made me realize that I want to spend more time with my family so I can soak up each and every moment with them.

So, I called Barbie and told her I was all in – I wanted what Rodan + Fields was offering; freedom from 9-5, second income stream and more time with my family. Soon I started my own team and rose to the top 2% of the company. Not only did I earn a free trip to Napa Valley, California, I also met Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields!

This is MY Comeback Story

I had a growing social commerce business that had turned into the best financial decision that I have ever made. I was right where I wanted to be in the company. Unfortunately… life had another turn for me.

Before the comeback, I went down the road of destruction. I got busy; I made excuses, I lost a parent, my daughter moved away, all the things that can put a hold on success. I stopped actively working my social commerce business and let it coast – still make money, but not putting enough effort into myself or my business.

Time has a funny way of changing perspectives – yet again. Today is Spring 2017, and I am within a year of retiring from my full-time university teaching position. But without Rodan + Fields, there is no way that I can retire.

At the age of 51, I know that I’m exactly where I need to be to change my life, legacy, and family. I want the freedom to make my own schedule, be my own boss and inspire others to have the same thing!

Now I am back! No more excuses, no more distractions. I am now channeling my inner “Rudy”. Rudy never compromised on his dream. But, Rudy did have to work hard and overcome many obstacles. Is this you?

Are you overcoming obstacles in your life to reach your dreams? What does your life hold? I’m looking for people just like me who want freedom, more importantly independence from their 9-to-5 life.

Come with me on this journey. Start by connecting with me.

You can be your own Rudy when life pulls you down-never, ever give up!

All my best,


Source by Kathleen C Olivieri

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