Top 10 Reasons to Get Divinely Connected

When you think of “The Divine” or “God” or “Great Spirit” or “Infinite Intelligence,” what do you think of? Do you think of love, compassion, wisdom, inspiration, and miracles? In my experience, these are all characteristics of The Divine. The more I get connected to The Divine, the more these characteristics become a part of me, and the more I experience them in my life. One could say that getting Divinely Connected is about becoming “more like God” in your life. Pretty cool, yes?

Getting Divinely Connected is something that can be learned, practiced, and developed. Since the Divine literally IS the source of your life, quite frankly, I can’t think of anything more important and powerful than getting Divinely Connected.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Get Divinely Connected. These are not in any priority or order – they are ALL incredibly valuable and important. I’ve found that their relative importance tends to depend on the particular life experience and situations one is in.

1) Peace. No matter what. When Divinely Connected you KNOW everything is always OK, no matter what, and no matter how it may look.

2) Wise guidance for life choices. When Divinely Connected you have access to the most wise and informed friend, which is hugely beneficial and an amazing stress and time saver! Also, invaluable for those “tough times” in life.

3) Unconditional love. Some people say that “getting the love you want” is what life is all about (at least that’s what everyone is subconsciously trying to get) – “All I want is to be loved!” When Divinely Connected, you already got all the love you want – unwavering, always there, and supremely satisfying. There is no substitute.

4) Synchronicities, miracles, and magic. This is one of my favorites. When Divinely Connected the Universe is always “winking at you.” Things happen (far beyond coincidence) that you could never have orchestrated on your own.

5) Power. This is somewhat related to number 4, but different. When Divinely Connected you can trust in a “power greater than yourself.” This means you KNOW you don’t have to do it all (and you can’t anyhow!). You can “share the burden” and have everything turn out. This GREATLY reduces stress

6) You’re never alone. When Divinely Connected you’re always with the most loyal, loving, supportive, inspiring, compassionate presence. The ideal friend/spouse/companion!

7) Wonder and awe. When Divinely Connected you can see beyond the flat material world into the animating energy of it all. This is related to the Einstein quote “Either everything is a miracle, or nothing is.”

8) Compassion for others. When Divinely Connected you see the bigger picture and know that everyone is doing the best they can, with the consciousness they have, inside the circumstances of their life. Instead of anger, your heart goes out to people since you know that if they were Divinely Connected they wouldn’t be doing some of the things they do. (One definition of “evil” is simply “absence of the Divine.”)

9) Gratitude and humility. When Divinely Connected every moment is a gift. You’re present to the undeniable beauty of the world and amazed and humbled by it all.

10) No fear of death. When Divinely Connected you see, experience, and KNOW the infinite, eternal nature and reality of life. You know there is no death – only transformation and transitions. This provides a huge degree of freedom to simply live!

All of this can be had with practice. Without a practice, without intentionally and consciously looking for the Divine, without actively creating your Connection, it will remain a mysterious fantasy, a non-reality, perhaps even as a “crutch for those that can’t handle the real world.”

However, the more you look and have faith, the more you see. The more you see, the more you believe. The more you believe, the more you experience. And the more you experience, the more you KNOW. You don’t “think” and “believe” in God, you KNOW God. You are Divinely Connected!

How do you get more connected to the Divine? Try this:

Explore your current connection and relationship with God/Universal Intelligence/Great Spirit/Source. How strong is this connection? How clear? How free and empowered are you in that relationship? Is there an opportunity for you to strengthen this relationship? Then make yourself comfortable, take a few deep breaths, close your eyes, and ask yourself “How might I increase my connection with the Divine?” Then listen to what comes forth. Perhaps you’ll start a meditation practice, or journal, or sit quietly in your garden in the morning.

Whatever works for YOU, do it daily and you’ll be more and more Divinely Connected!

Source by Roger Kenneth Marsh

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