Why Filipinos Are Awesome

It’s quite impossible to put into just a few words the reasons why Filipinos are awesome. Filipino men and women possess many great qualities. It’s probably safe to say that they are among the most loveable creatures in the world. The Philippines may not be a rich country in terms of material wealth and yet many choose to go back to the Philippines again and again. Some even choose this tropical country to become their home. Why? It’s because of the Filipino people.

Great Filipino Qualities

Filipinos are awesome because they are:

· Hospitable. The Filipino hospitality is well known around the world. Being hospitable means going the extra mile to welcome a guest into one’s home. Even if one is poor, she/he will always find means to make a guest feel comfortable. As host, he/she is going to make sure there are clean linens to sleep in and delicious food on the table. The Filipino host/hostess does not make his/her guests feel like strangers.

· Familyoriented. This is one thing that sets Filipinos apart – their intense love for their family. For Filipinos, families always come first; they will do everything for their family, even if that means making sacrifices.

· Religious. Filipinos are deeply religious. They pray constantly, recognizing that there is a higher being that controls and governs everything. They gather strength and inspiration from this and are rewarded by becoming themselves an inspiration to others.

· Fun-loving. Yes, Filipinos love to have fun. They love to enjoy simple pleasures, to experience life as it is. As they say, life in the Philippines is more relaxed, more laid back. It’s not that Filipinos are lazy. Rather, they make time to pause and appreciate the beauty of nature. It’s called de-stressing. Filipinos don’t easily fall into depression, as you can see, and when they do they can easily bounce back from it.

· Loyal and true. Filipinos value relationships. They value marriage as well. Once you have earned their trust and confidence you can be sure that the relationship is for keeps, and divorce is unlikely to happen.

· Smart. Yes, Filipinos are educated people, and they can be street-smart, too, so don’t even try to take advantage of them.

· Talented. Filipinos love entertainment and they can entertain you to no end with their talents. Lots of Filipinos are carving a name for themselves in the field of entertainment, arts, sciences, and so on.

· Determined. Filipinos take great pride in their determination to succeed. They have a never-give-up kind of attitude that helps them not only weather the storms of life in varying intensities but stay on top of the game. When Filipinos are tasked to do something, they do their best to do it.

· Great conversationalists. They can be shy and reserved, but they can carry on a good conversation when prompted. It’s never a boring experience to have a Filipino for a companion.

· Adventurous. They love to explore, to experiment, to discover and rediscover things.

So why not make time to visit the Philippines now and don’t just take my word for it; see for yourself why Filipinos are awesome!

Source by Annielyn Summers

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