Why the Need for Brainstorming?

Brainstorming can be the most abused word when it comes to meetings and group activities. It is often used by students, teachers, successful businessmen and even criminals. A lot of projects and activities have become successful due to creative brainstorming sessions.

It is a fact that a person normally uses less than ten percent of their capacity to think and to use their brains. This means that there is a lot of room for more creativity and thinking if only a person can find the right enlightenment or inspiration.

A person has to think for so many reasons. He may have to think to solve his personal problems. He may also have to think to come up with very good business ideas for himself or for the company he works for. A lot of successful ideas were produced from very good thinking.

School activities, business establishments and even political activities benefit a lot from brainstorming. Brainstorming is really the word used by most people to encourage a group to come up with wonderful ideas.

A person who is alone could not think much because he only has his own ideas to bounce on. However, put that person in a group that is a little competitive, supportive and friendly and expect him to come up with some ideas which he would not have thought of while thinking alone.

Brainstorming sessions are sure to come up with plenty of ideas that can be used for a business or a political campaign. Brainstorming is called as such because it is really the process of encouraging people to think out of the box and contribute their ideas to the ideas of his peers.

Some people wonder why brainstorming sessions are really effective in bringing up new and innovative ideas. It may be because of the excitement generated by the thought that a person is not alone into this but he is thinking along with a group of people. They are all contributing their creativity into coming up with a good proposition or idea.

Brainstorming among children can be effective because kids will always welcome the chance of being heard and to have their ideas recognized. The same goes for adults who have not outgrown the need to be recognized.

A bunch of office workers who appear dull and unmindful of their office activities can be pooled together in a brainstorming session. They may be dull but when their energies are harnessed and they are given the proper encouragement then they might come up with good business ideas for the office.

A business enterprise should not always rely on the brains of the chief executive or other managers. No one has a monopoly of good ideas and it will be beneficial for the company if the untapped ideas of the other workers can be made available to the company. Some people can come up with silly ideas but with proper thinking and improvement these ideas can be the start of something good.

Brainstorming sessions should be a free-for-all session, no holds barred and very open to all ideas no matter how silly they may sound. This would encourage the participants to express what they think and to contribute to the whole process.

The importance of brainstorming in almost all activities is a given fact. Thus, every company, activity or organization should make use of this process to come up with the best ideas possible.

Source by Mario R. Churchill

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