Why You Should Not Compare Yourself to Someone Else

Don’t Compare Yourself With Anyone In This World.. If You Do So, You Are Insulting Yourself – Bill Gates

It is true we are not alone in this world. There are billions of people living around us, some of which is our familiar and rest is strangers. It’s also a fact that we cannot live on our own, we need to keep pace with people’s lives. Competition and win have become the purpose of life. You want to lead the world and to beat your competitors to prove yourself ahead of all. Well, it’s a good thing because you get success in this spirit. Until then, it’s good as long as you have achieved success.

But take heed, the spirit is not the only cause of success. Luck, Environment, Resource, and Experience also counts, and in all these things we have no control. Hence neither you should compare yourself to someone else nor need to feel pain after losing. God has sent us for different purposes with distinct destiny, talent, strength, resource and nature.

You cannot compare yourself to others but can take inspiration. We all have different journey so it’s worthless to compare.

Here’s a little story that shows why we should not compare ourselves to anyone else:

Tom and Harry are good friends who both study in the same class. Tom is blessed with a big family whereas Harry is an orphan. One side Harry lives alone and need to handle all responsibility besides studies and on the other side, Tom is free from all responsibility and need to only focus on his studies. In a day of 24 hours, Tom is just focus on studies and that’s why he earns better marks than Harry, but Harry also has to take care of things like maintenance of the house, financial management, food, personal life and so many things plus studies.

Tom is blessed with an affection of his family, love, support, and he’s mentally free, but, unfortunately, Harry is unlucky in these cases. One day Harry tries to just focus on studies by leaving all other work and he succeeds. Harry gets more marks than Tom in the examination. He achieves this milestone but still feels unhappy because he was hungry of his parent’s love and support not marks. He could earn good marks because it is up to the spirit, but cannot find the love of his parents because it is up to the destiny.

Do you think Harry should compare with his friend Tom in terms of love from the parents? Absolutely not! Well, this is just an example for understanding why it is wrong to compare yourself to someone else. Anything can happen in the future because somewhere life is based on your luck. But you must remember to not compare yourself to anyone else. Never!

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