William Wordsworth – A True Lover of Nature

Nature has always been an inspiration to the poets. They have personified the moon as a silvery lady and the greenery as a lady of spring. William Wordsworth, a famous poet of the Romantic Age has related most of his poems to nature. As the second child among five siblings, he was always encouraged by his father to read poems. He read poems of great poets like John Milton, William Shakespeare and Edmund Spencer. Their verses in a way captured the mind of little William Wordsworth at a very tender age.

Lyrical Ballads, The Preludes and the Lucy Gray are considered as one of the most famous verses of William. Three of them were written at different stages of his life; Lyrical Ballads was published in the year 1789. It actually is a collection of several poems written by him and four by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

The Preludes, was published after his death by his wife. It is like a semi autobiography describing his early life which he did modified at times with the help of his sister Dorothy Wordsworth.

Lucy Gray an imaginary character of William Wordsworth is divided into five works. This pseudo character was a part of William’s loneliness. Among all his works William Wordsworth had a great affinity for this character. According to one of the critic, William Wordsworth “created the character, lived with it and cried on her death”.

Among all his beautiful poems the most convincing work is about River Yarrow. In this poem he refers to the river giving a true picture of life. In his poem Yarrow Unvisited he was scared to visit the valley thinking about the sadness that could overshadow him if it fails to match his inception. He heard much about the heavenly place and drew pictures of vivid imaginations in his mind.

On his visit he was surprised to see that the place was beyond ingenuity. In his piece Yarrow Visited, he commented that ‘the things of reality are far more beautiful than things of imagination’. He was however not satisfied with his first visit and hence he again visited the place which he described in Yarrow Revisited.

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