You Were Born Rich by Bob Proctor – Summary

Google books is one of the most top rated source of books that you might want to get your hands on either because you need them or it interests you. They give you a page by page preview of the different books that they have on hand, thus being aptly named one of the greatest sources of books on line. Among the array of books that they have are different books on success that are usually used by people who need some motivation in order to push themselves far from their limits and even for those who are trying to look for a source of inspiration. You Were Born Rich by Bob Proctor is one of those books, having inspired tens and thousands of people into making names for themselves and getting the money that they deserved.

Bob Proctor is known for his different inspirational books on success that has helped many individuals gather back their lives. He is primarily a business consultant as well as a personal development coach, and he has given his knowledge to different people in the form of books and even ebooks. He is one of the most celebrated writers of the New York Times’ best-selling book The Secret which caused quite a commotion for many people. You Were Born Rich is one of his most popular works so far.

You Were Born Rich tells of how success is possible not by reaching for what you cannot have but by looking at what you already have and rearranging them to suit your needs. The conclusions and different case studies of this book can be applied directly to real life, allowing it to further enhance your life one step at a time. All of these ideas are bits and pieces of different fragmented thoughts that Bob Proctor has masterfully put together in search for new and innovative ideas that he normally writes about in different books on success.

Bob Proctor really knows how to help out people who are in need of advice. Not only are his books on success popular as self-help books, they can also be tough of as inspirational. His works teach people about the different details in life as well as life lessons that will help any ordinary man stand out. Yes, it is true that success cannot be pulled out from a book, but reading good books can help you push yourself to surpass your own limitations.

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