Your Vision of Excellence: 5 Powerful Questions

The expectations we have for ourselves contribute greatly to the degree of excellence we achieve. Through our expectations, we define the boundaries inside which we are willing to strive.

Excellence, however, is not a state of perfection; it is a personal vision and guiding principle to live with daily. By striving for excellence, we continue to learn and improve throughout our lives.

A vision of excellence, consistently kept in mind, builds resolve and deepens involvement in each task before us. It allows every small action, even the most routine ones, to glow with the creative joy needed to produce achievements of outstanding value.

Each individual will define excellence in a deeply personal way. Consider these five questions while envisioning the quality that you desire for your life and career:

What would your vision of excellence look like if it had no restrictions, and you knew that you could achieve it?

In what areas of your life are you tolerating and expecting less than the best that you desire?

What, if any, are the challenges that repeatedly block you from performing at your highest potential?

What resources could you mobilize to help create the most abundance for the future?

What must happen next for you to move closer to your personal vision of excellence?

Your answers will help to clarify and strengthen your vision and enthusiasm to achieve the excellence and fulfillment that you seek.

Grenville Kleiser (1868-1953) wrote, “Keep a definite goal of achievement constantly in view. Realize that work, well and worthily done, makes life truly worth living.”

May you achieve excellence and all of its rewards each and every day!

Source by Steve Brunkhorst

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