2000 Nature essences in one go! | Kritika Run2 Reward

A little bit of grind with all my characters and boom , the Kritika Run event part2 is gone!The rewards are great so you really can’t miss them, I’ll keep checking in every day to get something good from the event part1 too… Well, I’m still missing a lot of pets for Phoenix but since I had the opportunity , I went from 0 to 2k Nature essences in a few seconds , I’m saving karats on a lot of characters and I hope the material pets won’t take too much to come… Gotta get that Phoenix! (Idk if I’m playing Kritika , Pokemon or Digimon LOLZ )

– Don’t forget to pre-register for the Mystic Wolf Guardian! –

Song: Disfigure – Blank ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7ZsBPK656s )


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