[4K] The BIG SUR EXPERIENCE: 4HR Real-Time Nature Relaxation™ Ambient Film [Remastered] California

DOWNLOAD/DVD/LICENSE @ https://www.naturerelaxation.com/products/the-big-sur-experience-4-hr-dynamic-ambient-nature-film-shot-in-4k | WATCH ON-DEMAND (No Watermark/Ads @ https://watch.naturerelaxation.com/videos/big-sur-4k-experience-by-nature-relaxation-full-version-1080p | ABOUT: Remastered in 2018 with multiple new scenes & a higher quality, “The Big Sur Experience” transports viewers into the heart of California’s natural crown jewel – the Big Sur Coast & McWay Falls – in an unprecedented level of detail & quality. Beginning at early dawn and ending at sunset, for FOUR glorious hours viewers will be gently transported to the various hidden wonders of this majestic coastal wilderness – including hidden beaches, misty forests, iconic bridges, flowing waterfalls & more – with each scene lasting 3 to 15 minutes for plenty of time to soak up the views (and healing vibes) of this very special place. Filmed in 2014 – prior to the big droughts of recent years – this Nature Relaxation™ signature film showcases Big Sur at a time when its beauty was out on full display. MORE INFO:

Hour 1 starts viewers at the southern entrance of Big Sur nestled along a soothing lighthouse; as the sun rises through the fog, viewers are next transported to the flower-filled coastlines for a relaxing and cool morning arising with the birds and whales. After a refreshing bath in McWay Falls, the clouds part and sun emerges as thousands of sparkling reflections cast their light on a distant sea, creating an explosion of color and detail as the scene slowly progresses to Bixby Bridge, and then into the redwood forests of Julia Pfeiffer-Burns State Park. Hour 2 moves into the forests as the day of wonderful sights and sounds slowly continues on, at Nature’s pace.
Hour 3 returns to the Famous McWay Cove for a Full Hour of Coastal Relaxation from David Huting’s favorite place on earth: the area surrounding McWay Falls.
Hour 4 starts atop a foggy forest and slowly progresses back to the coast just in time for a spectacular sunset from above McWay Falls, where viewers can watch the last bit of light fade to dark as the video ends in a state of total relaxation.

ABOUT THE AUDIO: Captured in Stereo Quality on location with the Rode Stereomix, the sounds in this video are all 100% natural and from Big Sur.

ABOUT THE CAMERA USED: This was filmed on the Flagship Canon 1DC, and a series of Canon Cinematic Lenses, which in 2014 cost more than $15,000. The quality of both the 4K camera and lenses shines through as viewers will enjoy a level of quality & cinematic feel that is unlike any other video captured from Big Sur before.

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Designed for therapeutic relaxation in patient care settings, such as hospitals, high stress workplaces, nursing homes, and for individuals at home that love Nature and are seeking enhanced vitality through their digital devices. Learn more about Nature Relaxation at https://www.NatureRelaxation.com/about

To request a free license quote to use these videos in your business or organization, visit: https://www.naturerelaxation.com/license

On top of being able to be streamed via Nature Relaxation On-Demand (https://watch.naturerelaxation.com), this film is available for 4K/HD download (h.264), on DVD or Blu-Ray, or via streaming on Nature Relaxation on-Demand. Also available in ProRes422HQ or other unique formats.

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