“Butterfly Man” is reconnecting people to nature

Dave O’Donnell is a big fan of weeds and thinks everyone should be-especially milkweed. That’s because certain species of milkweed are a “welcome mat” for Eastern Monarch Butterflies. For a couple of decades now Dave has been on a mission to help bring back the declining population of one of natures most beautiful butterflies. He runs the Eastern Monarch Butterfly Farm in Clarence where he gives Mother Nature a boost by providing a place for Monarchs to flourish. The farm is not open to the public but Dave is always at the Clarence Hollow Farmer’s Market on Saturdays where he sells milkweeds and butterfly chrysalis. He says “I enjoy doing it. I like watching people get reconnected with nature.” You can also find Dave O’Donnell on facebook at the Eastern Monarch Butterfly Farm and at his website.


Fahad Hameed

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