Dreams Of Nature – Last Dawn

Band: Dreams Of Nature
Song: Last Dawn
Album: Eternal Sunset (Split with Nebula Orionis)
Country: Colombia
Year: 2017

L- All Instruments
Vocals – B.M
Mastering – M42


Birds announce a new awakening
The rising sun praises the occult shapes of beauty
The infinite horizon of the sky,
where the shapes of the heavenly bodies shine
The celestial vault illuminated by the blaze that rises in the mountains

It is the dream of birds, lovers of heights,
Those who chase the light,
Those who seek to reach infinity,
Where born the light that nourishes everything.

The inner voices of living creatures
Force of nature…
His silent and solitary existence
The awakening of the messenger birds of the mountains

Announces the dawn…

Bandcamp: https://dreamsofnature.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamsofnatu…


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