Mother Nature Needs Us!! w/lyrics (THE Original Video!!) by The PJ GRAND Band

Environmental Song Mother Nature Needs Us w/lyrics (the Original Video) by The PJ GRAND BAND composed by PJ GRAND Lead Vocal by Bettie Wilson Produced by Marty Rifkin copyright 2009-2016 by PJ GRAND MUSIC All Rights Reserved Used by Permission of the Publisher Available on iTunes Note To The FANS–From PJ GRAND–Mother Nature Needs Us was recorded in 2007 at Marty Rifkin Studios in Santa Monica released to you tube in september 2008 then deleled by me and redid the video slightly and released it Dec 2009 the song has since become one of the worlds most popular songs this video was deleted by a hacker in May 2015 I came out a New Video Mother Nature Needs Us 2016 but due to overwhelming demand i reuploaded the Orginal Video Since Then there have been countless videos redone by students thats why there are so many Videos on you tube of Mother Nature Needs US but THIS is the Original Video !! God Bless All the Fans Sincerely PJ GRAND


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