First cleanse, moisturize and use a primer. To enhance the eyebrows, use lighter concealer on the top and the bottom of the eyebrows and blend the concealer (highlighter) well. Apply primer to the eyelids followed by variety of brown colors. Blend the eye shadows well. Clean the excess eye shadow around the eyes. Use a round brush to apply foundation on the skin (the model’s own foundation was used in this demo). Apply light foundation on the lips to help the lipstick stay longer on the lips after it’s applied. Highlight under the eyes. Apply powder to the highlighted areas and around the face. Slightly tap off the powder to avoid over-powdering. Match the skin of the neck to the face. Highlight under the eyebrows, use an eyebrow color and a brush to line up the eyebrows. Trace the bottom of the brows with the brush for more polished look. Use eyeliner and mascara to complete the natural makeup on the eyes. Use natural blush bronzer to accentuate the cheeks and give them sun-kissed look. Use circular motion with the brush to blend the blush. Line the lips with the lip liner inside of the lips for full clients with full lips. Apply light lipstick. This step-by-step instructional free video is a makeup tutorial/how-to/training for beauty school students, makeup artists, cosmetologists, salon and spa professionals, estheticians, and women who like to have a natural makeup. Makeup artist: Sal’ vances Valente, model: Ardrina, video by BeautyHealthTravel Channel.


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