“Pitch For Nature” – Business & the value of nature

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) recently launched this new video designed to explain how business can account for the value of nature and why this is important. More than 25 of the world’s top organizations working on the value of nature in business have come together behind one message in this “Pitch for Nature” video, that’s available in 20 languages. Click the “Captions” button to find yours!

Natural Capital is the value of nature. It can be defined as the world’s stocks of natural assets that we benefit from. Natural Capital matters because every single business in the world not only impacts on nature, but relies on it.

So the degradation of ecosystems that we see today creates a real risk for companies, now and into the future. But where there is risk, there is also opportunity — secure natural resources, to save costs, to manage future risks and engage people and companies throughout the value chain.

Visit www.pitchfornature.com to find out more.

Full script

Hi, I’m John.
I work for a company.
A big company.
A company that still doesn’t realise it relies on nature.
Which is why I’m arranging a meeting.
A big meeting
To discuss “Natural Capital”.
It’s a new idea that’ll boost our business.
You’ve heard of ‘financial capital, right?
So what is “Natural Capital”?
Take Company A.
That’s us.
We make shoes.
Lots of shoes.
So let’s take a shoe.
This one’s leather.
Leather comes from cows.
To make a cow you need grass and grain.
That’s a lot of land and a lot of water.
To make shoes, you gotta have a sole.
You think soles come from thin air?
Get a grip.
We need rubber and lots of it.
This rubber comes from rubber trees.
Trees need land, soil and water.
We need aluminium for eyelets.
Another. Natural. Resource
So let’s keep moving.
We need energy;
Our shops need building, lighting, cooling, heating.
And when our shoes wear out?
Imagine this:
Severe floods hit somewhere important in our supply chain
Livelihoods are lost
Our factories fail
‘Hashtag’ corporatenightmare
But does it have to be that way?
What if we replant forests to protect our sites from floods?
Or restore wetlands to filter water?
Or even turn old shoes into something new?
What if we realized that investing in “natural infrastructure”
…could save us cash too?
So back to my question.
What is “Natural Capital”?
It’s all the value that nature provides for us; the natural assets we have.
If our company had to pay for our impacts on nature, we would owe $6.00 a pair.
That’s real money.
So think about it.
What does nature provide for your business?
And shouldn’t it be on your balance sheet?
Take the first step: find out which of nature’s assets your company should be investing in.
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