Primitive Technology | Nature Medicine for Dental Care

My Video Show about Primitive Technology | Nature Medicine for Dental Care in Cambodia. Thank for Like, and Share to your friends if you support our Channel.
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***** More Video for Village Food *****

1. Grilled Snail in my Village:
2. Spicy Fried Eels:
3. Cooking Snails with Coconut:
4. Frog Grill in my Hometown:
5. How to Cook Snake in my Homeland ?:
6. Beautiful Girls Cooking EGG with Coconut:
7. Grilled Rice with Bamboo Tubes:
8. Cooking snail with chili so hot:
9. The Grilled Fish in my Farm:
10. Best Food for my Family:
11. Cooking Curry Crab:
12. Sour Fruit – Snack in Cambodia:
13. Grilled Chicken with Bamboo:
14. Grilled Fish with Bamboo Tubes:
15. Shrimp Curry with Milk:
16. Grilled Rats:
17. Beef Curry Cambodia Style:
18. Grilled Mussel:
19. Grilled Coconut with Eggs:
20. Fried Chicken Legs with garlic:

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14 thoughts on “Primitive Technology | Nature Medicine for Dental Care

  • December 3, 2017 at 12:05 am

    I ain't got no cows roun here, can I use dog dookey instead?  Also with that Calcite, if you have the rest of the ingredients, you can make Roman Cement,  also as an added ingredient, Xanthan gum is used in cement that is poured underwater 🙂

    Would like to see a video where you introduce us to your village, show us around ,tell us how you all live together, rather than from an individual perspective.  Tell us how you solve problems with laws, whose in charge, share stories from your elders because when they are gone, they will die with all their memories, which need to be shared!  Elders have a wealth of knowledge!  The future represents death, but what your elders know is what's kept the new generation alive, without that, you will become as we, destroyed by our own inventions, and the greed of our Government, which seeks One World Government!   Do not trust the United Nations!

    They talking about how FREE we are, but we ain't allowed to make fires wherever we want in the United States, because they're afraid we'll burn the Earth down to a cinder!  If you live in an apartment complex, nearly a decade ago, they stopped allowing us to have our own BBQ grills.

    Each passing year, I hate this Country more and more…

  • December 3, 2017 at 12:05 am

    Hi !!! Come discover my youtube channel the first video is a oven build with mud . say what you think . thank you


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