Synthetic Biology: Changing the Nature of Nature | Ep. 3 – Explorations with Bryan Johnson

In the third episode of EXPLORATIONS, I speak with bioengineers, geneticists, designers and technology imaginaries about the future of synthetic biology. With our new powers enabled by synthetic biology, what kind of world will you help build? MORE BELOW!

I’d love to hear your ideas. Share your thoughts with the community in the comments below, or use the hashtag #TheWorldWeBuild on Twitter or Facebook (


Explorations is an exploratory dialog about the future of humanity with leaders and thinkers in artificial intelligence, genomics, neurobiology, synthetic biology, transportation and space exploration.

The truth is, we now have the ability to program the world around us. With these new powers of creation, an open exchange of ideas and dialogue will allow us to thoughtfully define what we build. We invite you to join the conversation.

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Video Credits:
Executive Producer: Bryan Johnson
Executive Producer: Lisa M.P. Munoz

Creative Producer+Director: Andrew James Benson
C4D Editor: Daniel Marin
Sound Mix: Joel Raabe
Music: East Forest ·
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Footage: CNN · GMUNK · McGovern Institute at MIT · RAW-NYC · MIT LabCAST · Glowee · MIT Media Lab · Glen Clovis · BAE Systems · Nawaz Alamgir


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6 thoughts on “Synthetic Biology: Changing the Nature of Nature | Ep. 3 – Explorations with Bryan Johnson

  • September 7, 2017 at 12:05 pm

    a BCI should be built so to make everyone a superhuman. Then human would become more equal and get into a more level playing field.

  • September 7, 2017 at 12:05 pm

    this is the most insidious evil imaginable – trying to sell the idea to us little people that a small elite can manipulate and completely control the means of production of everything for our benefit. What a crock!


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