The Mystery of Egypt: Tranquil World – Relaxation with Music & Nature

Enjoy this impressive and mystical journey to one of the oldest cultures of the world. Take a journey to the past with the beautiful landscape and all the mystery of Egypt. The Pharaohs were rulers and divine kings in one. Accordingly, they built temples and made sacrifices. Their history is divided into three great empires, which are in turn divided into over thirty dynasties. The most well known, oldest and still most mysterious pieces of architecture and technology on our planet, are the Pyramids of the Pharaohs. An example of this would be Cheops Pyramid at Giza with The Sphinx, for us an utterly unimaginable achievement at a time when computers did not even exist. The burial chambers endowed with paintings, hieroglyphics and burial objects give us some kind of information about this unimaginable history. Many were buried by sandstorms and desecrated by grave robbers, which explains why later rulers had their burial chambers in caves. The richest age was the “New Empire”: an age of gold, lapis lazuli, turquoise, carnelian and of the god Amun. The best insights into this epoch can be gained from excavations in the Valley of the Kings and the discovery in 1922 of the intact burial chambers of Tutankhamun. We can only admire these works of art and the perfection of the devotion and craftsmanship it took to create them. Whether it’s the little details in the jewelry, Nefertiti’s bust, King Tut’s mask, the divine city of Amarna or the temple at Luxor, we are overwhelmed and can only try to imagine the atmosphere of the mystical processions when we look up at these majestic monuments. All these works are part of the seventh wonder of the world and were created by the. Go on a journey and try to gain an insight into the soul of this lost civilization. Soundtrack: Pharaoh – The Miracle of Egypt


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