Unique Dog Names from Nature

Unique dog names can come from many sources. The best unique dog names come from places that most people wouldn’t think to look. Nature can give us dog names that are as unique as nature itself can be. Consider all the resources nature gives us, then take a look at those resources and you will find unique names for your new dog. Here is a short list of unique dog names that can be taken from nature.

Sequoia, Chestnut, Maple, Pawpaw, Creeper, Staghorn, Plum, Cherry, Magnolia, Peaches, Scarlet, Buckeye, Lilac, Honey or Honeysuckle, Pagoda, Hawthorn, Douglas, Cedar, Alder, Aspen, or Shagbark (for a noisy, shaggy dog)

Lily, Rose, Aster, Daffodil, Cosmos, Flame, Foxtail, Lilac, Glory, Orchid, Ginger, Marguerite, Marigold, Chrissy or Mum, Queen Ann, St. John, Turtle, Tansy, Sweet Pea, Buttercut, or Sugarbush

The Sky
Cloud, Tornado, Windy, Twister, Rainy, Storm or Stormy, Snow, Blizzard, Hurricane, Thunder, Lightening, Star, Moon, Sunny, Nova (means bright star), Venus, Pluto, Jupiter, Astro or Astra, or Stella

Mined From the Earth
Opal, Pearl, Malachite, Ruby, Sapphire, Zircon, Turquoise, Coral, Copper, Emerald, Diamond, Cameo, Amber, Crystal, Jade, Jet, Coal, Jewel, Onyx, Shamira (means precious stone), or Precious

From the Waters
Wave, Coral, Seaweed, Sponge, Whirl or Whirlpool, Tsunami, Orca, Blue, Surf, Icy or Iceberg, Shark, Red, Black or Blackie, Atlantic or Atlantis, and we can’t forget Champ and Nessie.

Hawk, Wolf, Bear, Badger, Monkey, Crow, Goose (popular since Top Gun), Roo (short of Kangaroo), Moose, Lizard, Rhino, Grizzly, Buck, Shrew, Jaguar, Mouse, Leo (lion), Elk, Jackal, Racoon, Fawn, Bison, Bull, Weasel or Kid

As you can see, unique dog names can come from any part of nature. Just stop and take a look around you, you are bound to find many unique dog names. If nature isn’t your thing, you can look to other sources for unique dog names, such as literature, music, sports, movies, food, and some of the best unique dog names come from alcohol.

A few tips on naming your dog, though. Try not to make the name too long or complicated. You need to be able to say it easily and you want people to remember it. Your dog will learn his name more quickly if it is shorter and snappy, a couple of syllables is usually the best. Try not to name your dog something that sounds like a command that you might be teaching him.

Look up the meanings of unique dog names if you aren’t sure what they mean. Yes, we all know what star or warthog means, but if you think the name Amber is pretty for your Black Labrador, you might be interested to know that Amber is brownish yellow in color. If you still love it, use it. Remember, it’s your dog, name her what you like.

The most important thing to remember when finding unique dog names is to find a name you love and stick with it. Changing names once they get used to them is confusing to dogs and could cause behavioral problems. It doesn’t matter what dog names you choose, your dog will love you for it.

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