70 Pictures Taken at the Right Moment

We have gathered 70 of the most perfectly timed photos guaranteed to make you laugh. Here are 70 pictures taken at the right moment!

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40 – It’s the age old story. Boy wolf likes girl wolf. Boy wolf sees girl wolf hanging out in the wild with her friends. Boy wolf face plants in front of girl wolf, ruining his chances of ever scoring with girl wolf.

39 – This poor little kitty. All she wanted was a sip, instead she got drenched.

38 – Yowza! That’s one way to neuter your dog. Bob Barker would be so proud!

37 – Someone is definitely not getting any tonight! It’s the couch for you, sir!

36 – We’re going to give you a minute on this one to figure out what you’re actually looking at here.

35 – And just like, through the sheer power of his mind – Doug was able to slowly push Bertha into the pool all while staring creepily at the camera.

34 – And with that one slick move, this group of 7 is now a group of 6 after Stephen was asked to leave.

33 – All we can say about this photo, is at least he looked good when he went down.

32 – Warning, warning! It’s about to go from adorable to tasting really, really bad in 3, 2, 1…

31 – 7 years of bad sex for not making eye contact when toasting – we wonder what the punishment is for something like this! It can’t be good.

30 – So, that’s how they get that sucker up there every night! The more you know…

29 – This kid is ballin’ – Takes a ball to the face with zero effs given.

28 – When things at the renaissance fair mosh pit took a really violent turn.

27 – Surprisingly enough, this didn’t even seem like a good idea at the time…

26 – They say stretching before a workout will really loosen you up – they weren’t kidding!

25 – Dad of the year, getting air with his kid – even though that landing was probably pretty rough.

24 – You can almost hear this little guy screaming in a tiny squirrel voice “Nooooooo” as he loses a nut.

23 – You know what they say about guys who can walk on water?

22 – Hey fellas – not only is she a whiz in the kitchen, but she’s a beast in the bedroom. Any takers?

21 – What’s funnier than a big guy in a little hat? The answer, of course, is nothing. Nothing is funnier.

20 – Well, hello there sir… Uh madam… Uh…

19 – This picture gives a whole new meaning to wiping out!

18 – There’s really no way to fall off your bike gracefully… but at least this guy is dressed to impress while doing it.

17 – You’d think all signs would point to getting the heck out of the way, but this heroine is standing her ground, looking danger in the face and about to get really, really wet.

16 – Ma’am, do you take this owl to be your lawfully wedded owl?

15 – Step 1 of riding a bike – make sure the wheels are, in fact, attached.

14 – When all the planets align and the universe just wants everything to go your way, it makes a photo like this, of epic proportion possible. It is a thing of beauty!

13 – Anything goes at grandma’s house. Even death by a four wheeler.

12 – Another ball to the face. And it never gets less funny to see. Or say.

11 – You’ve got to feel bad for this guy – just running along, chasing a Frisbee, doing dog things… when BAM! The most embarrassing moment of his life.

10 – If Fluffy could talk, he’d say “I’m getting too old for this crap.”

9 – When this photo made the rounds after the royal wedding, the internet practically imploded from all the memes being created at the same time that read – While you’re down there! The little girl with a purely disturbed look on her face only makes it that much better.

8 – Definition of ride or die friendship – and this rescue scene definitely took place in slow motion.

7 – See?? This is exactly why I don’t read!

6 – That’s one way to get everyone’s attention.

5 – In a true bro move, this guy is simply helping a buddy out – at the weirdest possible time.

4 – Trying to get that bikini body before spring hits, this chipmunk is all about reading the nutritional info.

3 – If you teach your dog to puke on command, you either, a) have way too much time on your hands, b) are into some really weird stuff, c) like the idea of living alone for the rest of your life, or d) all of the above. If you guessed d) you’re right!

2 – Moments before this picture was snapped, this dad of the year could be heard whispering to little Jimmy, “Go ahead, get nice and close.”

1 – This guy wanted bragging rights, without actually doing the legwork. We’re pretty sure nobody’s falling for it this time, dude.


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