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Social networking websites have revolutionised the whole world. There is no limit of technology. We are living in a modern age. Our life has been totally changed if we compare it with our elders. The things which were considered only a dream have become reality now.  New and new adventures are happening daily. Human is progressing with quick pace. Facebook is a social networking website about which everyone is familiar. Its users are millions in number due to its extra-ordinary features. Facebook has introduced many interesting and new things. Among some top rated features, facebook emoticons are famous.

In the beginning, facebook was just a simple website. With time, it started making place in the heart of people. To make it more friendly and useful, facebook emoticons were introduced. The emoticons seem just symbols but they have a full world in them. They reveal our feelings, our likings, mood and behaviour. There are a lot of facebook smileys through which we can express any type of mood. The biggest advantage is that we just have to put the symbol. The reader frequently understand that what we want to say.

Facebook symbols are not just static. Now there are a lot of animated facebook smileys introduced which are just amazing. People love them and like to use them. Some emoticons are also very funny and make us laugh. Some people are so used to of using facebook symbols that they cannot even consider to send a message without emoticon. Keep in in the mid the taste of users, here are some best and lovely facebook smileys. This collection is just amazing. Some emoticons are the mixture and contain lists of different moods. Also download this collection and share them with your friends and dear ones.

List of Emoticons

facebook emoticonsKiss
facebook emoticonsOptimistic
facebook emoticonsShortcut of Emoticons
facebook emoticonsGrind

facebook emoticons

Colorful Picture
facebook emoticonsAttractive Background
facebook emoticonsAttractive Grind
Emoticons Used in Comments
facebook emoticonsSmile-Happy
facebook emoticonsEmoticon With Their Symbols
facebook emoticonsEmoticons Buttons
facebook emoticonsAttractive
facebook emoticonEye Catching Emoticons
facebook emoticonEmoticons of Facebook
facebook emoticonYellow Wallpaper
facebook emoticonAwesome Looking
facebook emoticonCute Emoticons
facebook emoticonBox of Emoticons

facebook emoticon
facebook emoticons

Active Background
facebook symbolsReddish Devil
facebook symbolsBeautiful
facebook symbolsFacebook emoticons
emoticons facebookAngry Emoticon
emoticons facebookStylish Background
emoticons facebookStunning Looked Wallpaper
facebook smileysAmazing
facebook smileysAmerican President
facebook smileys facebook emoticon for symbolFacebook Emoticon

facebook smileys emoji symbol fb secret emoticons
facebook emoticons

Eye Catching
facebook smileys list of facebook emoticons

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