Funny Pictures That Prove You Have A Dirty Mind

From bad product designs to just plain bad positions, these are Funny Pictures That Prove You Have A Dirty Mind. Just try to get through it without thinking inappropriate thoughts. We dare ya!

#10 – A Broken Phone
The first thing you think when you break your phone is whether or not it still works. If it does, you might attempt to use a little while longer although you do so at your own risk. We don’t know if the shattered phone in this picture still works or not, but for the purposes of this video, it actually works for us. Do you see anything unusual about the cracks along the back of this phone? That’s what we’re talking about.

#9 – Reporting Now
The man in this picture could have stayed up planning the speech he’s giving now, but he really should have been preparing a rebuttal to the picture you see here. To be fair, he probably didn’t know that this was going to happen, but also, the expression he has on his face says that he probably did. Not the sort of thing people wanted to be reporting, but here you go.

#8 – Feet Tricked You
This is probably the photo that is going to trick you all. When we first saw whatever this is, our minds automatically went to the worst. If you zoom in, though, this image goes from being the dirtiest thing you’ve seen today to just a simple pair of feet. Ya, we got fooled too.

#7 – The Angle From Which It Was Taken
We are sure that the scene in this photo looks very different from just about any other angle besides the one being shown here. However, regardless of what it looks like from other directions, the picture here looks like there is some interspecies mingling going on here. We just wonder what kind of hybrid this would create.

#6 – Did You Want Sausage?
If we went into a grocery store and we saw the sight in this picture, sausage would be the very last thing on the menu. You can call it sausage all you want, we just see a piece of meat we’d rather not put in our mouths.

#5 – For The Love Of Art
The artist that designed the sculpture in this picture most likely didn’t intend for it to look the way it appears here. When they looked at their work of art, they might have seen something that is a mix between a tree and a rocking chair? We don’t actually know what the designer of this creation saw because all we see is a statue that looks like something else.

#4 – Puppies!
Although this looks like a fluffy naughty pillow that would be a gift for a bachelorette party, it is actually one of the most innocent things in the world. The furry guy in this picture is just a puppy sleeping on the floor. From this position, it looks like part of the male anatomy, but that’s just your mind playing dirty tricks on you.

#3 – Shareable Candy
We get that things like candy often have characters that adorn the wrappers. It’s an advertising strategy that makes the product more appealing to a kid, a candy company’s target market. However, no matter what kind of characters you use nor what kind of colors you select, you should always make sure that your characters don’t get too overly friendly on the final version of the product. If not, then you get something inappropriate like the candy wrappers in this picture.

#2 – Tongue Shapes
It is pretty amazing seeing all the incredible things that the human body can do. Although shaping your tongue in different ways, like the girl in this picture, isn’t all that amazing, but it is in a funny shape that fits in well with the others in this video.

#1 – Mother Dearest
Even Mother Nature has to have her intimate moments, right? While that definitely seems like an outlandish idea, the proof is in the pudding and the pudding is this picture. This certain section of Earth looks like the lady parts of Mother Nature. We don’t appreciate the nakedness but what is Mother Nature supposed to use to cover up? Clothes made out of clouds?


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