Gimp tutorial – How to combine / blend two pictures together

In this tutorial we will show you how to put and combine to pictures together (blend) in order to make one
picture in the background and the other in the foreground by using transparency.

How it is done:

1: You need 2 pictures to work with 1 background and 1 objective

2: Press: File – Open, and import your objective pic

3: Layer – Transparency – Add Alpha Channel

4: Select the Eraser tool

5: Lower it’s spacing to about 2

6: And delete all the objective’s background

7: Go to: File – Export As…

8: Change the extension to .png

9: And select PNG format (for transparency)

10: File – Close all – Discard

11: File – Open as Layers…

12: Select your background image

13: File – Open as Layers…

14: Select the PNG you saved earlier.


Fahad Hameed

Fahad Hashmi is one of the known Software Engineer and blogger likes to blog about design resources. He is passionate about collecting the awe-inspiring design tools, to help designers.He blogs only for Designers & Photographers.

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