Lego Minecraft Movie

Lego Minecraft Movie

This is not a official Lego or Mojang release nor production nor it is supported or sponsored. This is a fully self financed and produced fan movie inspired by the Minecraft Universe.

On April the 10th went the first episode live. now 6 months and 24 episodes later the season is over.

This is my version of Minecraft Story Mode and it is not finished yet. There will be more and more new episodes in the Lego Minecraft Survival Series.

I would like to that everyone for supporting me over the last months. Some of your questions and requests I implement in the series.

This Full Movie includes a few extra images and different soundtrack at some times. Also near the end it is differently cut.

This lego stop motion animation is fully shot at 15 frames per second, it consists ~55.000 still images.
3 Canon DSLR cameras have been used. One completely died and 2 others went to cleaning service due oil speckles on the sensor.
530 GB in space was required to store over 243.000 files.

Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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