Lion Pictures – The Powerful African Cats

Everyone loves to get information about lion as it is king of jungle. People also love lion pictures, wallpapers and quotes. The lion is a symbol of bravery and fear. It is the powerful and biggest family member of cat. Almost each and every animal living in the forest is afraid of it. Lion is enemy of every living individual. It attacks its prey in a deadly way. With the help of its sharp teeth and paws, it tears apart its prey into small pieces. Lion is thirsty of blood. It is strong and bold. Lions live in caves. The sound of lion roaring makes everyone afraid.

Lions have majestic look. It is the cruellest animal. The head of lion is large and heavy. The diverse species of lions are found in Africa. Lions can survive in both temperatures whether its extreme hold and cold. They are energetic animals. Lions survive on flesh. Average weight of lion is between 300 to 350 pounds. They also run very fast. When a lion targets at its prey then it’s very tough for prey to escape. The head of lion is covered with long hairs. Some lions are very beautiful. People love to download lion images and lion wallpapers.

Lions are also used for public shows. Almost every zoo contains different species of lions. People from distant places come to see them. Lions are kept in strong cages so they cannot escape. They are also tamed so they can play different type of feats in shows and circus. Some people also keep lions in homes as a pet. By nature lion is deadly animal but it also becomes loyal to human if properly treated. Some species of lions are white which are rare now. Government has also prohibited the hunt of lions in different countries due to threat of extinction of species.

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