1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

It’s been nearly a year since your big day
But it’s hard to find a gift to say
Just what your loved one means to you
Or how they’ve made your dreams come true.

Poems and Petals produce romantic poems boxed with real flower petals which make a truly romantic anniversary gift.

There are many poems available to choose from, that are far better than the one above, including well known poems by William Shakespeare and Alfred Lord Tennyson. Poems and Petals also give you the option of writing your own wedding anniversary poem so you can tell your loved one exactly what they mean to you and how much you love them. If you choose to write your own wedding anniversary poem, it needs to be less than 1000 characters, but other than that anything goes.

Personalised wedding anniversary poetry makes the perfect gift for your first wedding anniversary as the traditional gift exchanged on this anniversary is paper, and how many exciting or romantic gifts can you think of that are made of paper?

The poems are packaged in your choice of box, ribbon and petals so you can choose the package that most suits the taste of your loved one.

Other paper gifts that some couples give and receive on their first wedding anniversary are books, concert or show tickets, magazine subscriptions and other things that can be easily forgotten and aren’t romantic in the slightest. Personalised wedding anniversary poetry is a gift that can be cherished forever and has more meaning and thought in it than any other gift made from paper.

Wedding anniversary poetry doesn’t have to be a gift from one spouse to another, it can be from parents, brothers, sisters or friends as there are many anniversary poems available that are congratulatory rather than romantic.

Poems and Petalswedding anniversary poems not only make great first wedding anniversary gifts, they also make a wonderful change to wedding anniversary cards. How many times have you picked up a greetings card only to find that the verse inside is either too short, not suitable or in some cases, not there at all. By choosing a personalised anniversary poem you know that the poem you choose is suitable and says just what you want it to.

Source by Ben Holloway

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