A Heartbroken Poem To Bring You Back Together

Have you written a heartbroken poem to your ex love because you have split up.  It could probably help to bring you back together again.   People have different recipes for getting over a break up; some find that writing poetry to their ex is an excellent therapy.  They can say in writing what they would never de able to say out loud.  Writing a heartbroken poem is an excellent way of letting your ex see that, despite all you have both been through, you still have considerable affection for them.    

So, if your ex is to be impressed, your heartbroken poem has to display your genuine feelings.    It will take some time to write as you are going to have to prepare what you are going to say after some mature reflection.   A heartbroken poem is not something you write immediately you have split up; you must reflect on what you want to say and how you can best say it.                               

Put some order into your thoughts and make sure they are your genuine feelings if your heartbroken poem is to have a chance of helping to bring you back together again.    If you write things that are false or seem forced, your ex will only laugh at your efforts and your heartbroken poem will not achieve its objective.    

You don’t have to have along experience of writing poetry to impress your ex and make them see things differently.  What you say is more important than the style you adopt as your heartbroken poem is only intended for your ex.  

Like everything that is new to you, the most difficult part is getting started.  You have to make yourself do it an, as you progress, you will find your ideas will come more naturally.   

Open it by saying how you are feeling.   You can use metaphors to give your writing some strength.  Let your ex know how your life has changed since the break up and that you would like to get back together again.  Propose valid reasons that you believe will please your ex.  

It doesn’t matter if your poem doesn’t rhyme; most modern poetry doesn’t.  Tell your ex what you really want to say.  Take advantage of the fact that you will not be there you’re your ex reads it, so you can write what you would have difficulty saying in a conversation with them.  

Writing a heartbroken poem to your ex may not come easy to you.   Even if it does not bring the results you are hoping for, you will know you did your best to try.  You will have shown that you were able to fight for what you wanted even if your heartbroken poem doesn’t change anything. 

Joe Bisley

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Source by Joe Bisley

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