A Poem for Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back

The best peoms to write for your girl is one that comes from your heart. So the best poem you can use is something that you create on your own and are sincere.

However, you can also use some inspiration from love songs and re-write it for your girl.

Another tip is that when writing a poem, think as if you were writing a song. Whistle while thinking of the words and it will become easier to write the poem for your girl.

Don’t forget to actually include something that is true about your girl. A quality that you really love about her or an experience you both has while with each other.

Below is a sample I made not so long ago.

I love you, I hope that you’ll see

My heart was broken when you said goodbye to me.

I would never be complete now that you’re gone.

My smile faded, the fun is gone.

You are my sunshine, you are the moon

In my dark night, you give me direction.

I love you more than words can express

More than my mouth could ever converse

But now that you’re gone, the light in my heart

Has flickered, the happiness departs

Babe please come back, I know I’ve been wrong.

I made you to depart but please understand I now

Realize you’re the best thing that happened to me and

My life.

This heart of mine will forget how to love if by my side you won’t ever be back. –end-

Source by Marie Diaz

Fahad Hameed

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