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w o r d s / /
where you are born will never change
in name nor place nor creed
old words decay and footprints fade
but it’s still home indeed

someday you’ll make the grand return
to see with outlook new
all that has gone, where the time went
if they’ve forgotten you

the smells are unfamiliar in
the boxed-up clothes you wore
even mirrors don’t reflect the way
you thought they did before

you’ll find the buildings taller, that
the halls are full of ghosts
but everything still here is
what you remember most

firsts and lasts and birthdays
(july would warm them all)
frigid days spent breathing in
the apple-colored fall

we slept until the winter when
the world was painted grey
draped ourselves in scarlet and
it all melted away

braving rain, we’d pedal
to the river styx at dusk
where the world did not stretch further than
the thickets and the rust

here, i play the role of past-girl
jumping back onto the scene
i fit the part so nicely that
you’d think the girl was me

though i may roam (to different sights! –
out of small shoes i’ll grow)
there’ll always be a part of me
that’s filled with ohio


Fahad Hameed

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