A Short Poem For Christmas

Its christmas time once again. Most people have had a rough year with the economic crisis and all. But now it is time you read a poem to put your mind off the negative and focus it on the positive. Its time for the christmas festivities once again. Enjoy the short poem.

it has been a very long year. Some went through it laughing, while others had to shed a tear. With the economic recession and global warming, i thought that the end of the world was near. I am very happy and thankful that Christmas is here. Its time to celebrate and remember the birth of Jesus Chrirt with great pomp and glamour and good cheer. It is time to submit our thoughts and experiences to God and let him steer us to the clear. We let him take us to a place with joy and no fear. Let the christmas bells ring, and hit everybody’s eardrums like a sting. That is because this is a very big thing and as important as a bird that needs its wing. Therefore have a merry christmas and a happy new year, and go and spend lots of time with those you hold dear!

You know the other day i was thinking. Yeah, yeah, its christmas once again. Soon enough people will be going shopping as a result of last minute buying in order to catch those ‘special discounts’ that most shops offer during this festive season. Then it suddenly occured to me, we often spend a lot of time making Christmas about us and not the birth of Christ. Then i thought of writing a short poem. If Christmas was to write to us humans a letter, what would it say?   Here goes;  hallo humans, this is Christmas, i feel abused, especially from those who edit me as X-mas. I remember the day that i was founded. It was during the birth of Jesus Christ was where my celebration was grounded. However after a couple of decades i have been hounded, and the festivities have since moved far away from how i was founded. Therefore humans please come back to the original intention of this day, and let Jesus Christ have his way.

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Source by Babji Isaac

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