A Short Poem To My Girlfriend

Hello friend. We all have our dream mates who we just want to spend all our time with. I being human, yes, I am human, haha, also have one girl that is the girl of my dreams. Enjoy!

I remember that day,
As if it were today.
I woke up in the morning off to a good start.
I had some tea but not with any tarts.
I rushed to the bus stop trying to get a mat.
This time I was lucky,there was no jam.
I got into the mat and chose a seat,
where I could comfortably place my feet.
We started slowly as we went round the bend,
when we suddenly stopped for some more passengers.
Like a dazzling light, I saw something great and bright.
There she was, girl of my dreams!
I pinched myself, to see if this was really true or was it just a dream,
I had no clue!
She sat next to me and gave me a glance,
which immediately set me into a trance.
Her skin was golden brown, soft and smooth.
I am not lying, just telling the truth.
Her lips were sexy & succulent,
giving way to her bright, white teeth.
Her hair so fair, yet so rare,
dark as soot and yet well oiled.
Mmm, I was almost losing myself…when I heard the alarm clock ring, it was half past six!!!

This segment is another short poem i decided to mix up with the first one. Enjoy.

Walking in the desert.
I dream of having dessert.
It’s hot, and as if that is not enough,
I have no boat.
How did I get here?
Just then I realise, I have a cold.
I look back, I think am stuck.
I got no luck.
Why you ask?
An iron ball I missed is rolling back.
Nowhere to go, nowhere to run.
‘I should have had fun’
I thought to myself…here goes…I wake up and find myself on the chair….lets face it.
I am not LYRICALLY RATED…and that is that!!

Source by Babji Isaac

Fahad Hameed

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