Adoption Poem: a Birth Mother’s Hope for Solace and Closure

Having to give your daughter or son up for adoption is a very painful experience. But you are not alone in your emotional turmoil. A lot of birth mothers who have given up their children feel that same pain. How do they cope with it? By sharing their experiences through an adoption poem.

Sharing your personal experience is one of the most therapeutic ways for you to begin the healing process and overcome feelings of guilt and regret. It is one of the most effective ways that women, because of extreme circumstances are forced to give their children up for adoption, can gain closure.

Writing an adoption poem, in particular, begins the healing process that grants them peace of mind. It washes away the guilt and reinforces the knowledge that wherever your child may be, he or she is safe and may be taken cared for by adoptive parents who can give him or her, a chance at a life you’ve hoped for them. By writing down your experiences and feelings in an adoption poem, you can begin to hope, to start over and be able to carry on with your own life.

There are a lot of things that you can write about in an adoption poem. Birth mothers, who have come to terms with their adoption, often write prayer-poems, asking God to watch over their children. Others write poems wondering who their children are and what they will become in the future. Some dream of meeting their children again, and when that time comes, hope they will understand the choice of adoption.

If you don’t know how to start writing an adoption poem, begin by reading up on poems written by other women. If you are a member of a local adoption support group, ask for help. Chances are, they may have copies of adoption poems that may mirror your very own experience. You may also find poetry anthologies in you local library. Or, you may find adoption poems online. Do a web search and you may find an adoption poem that’s close to your heart.

You can also find many helpful guides for writing your own adoption poem online. You can write an adoption poem about how you felt when you were having your child. You can also write about your worries, your fears, and your hopes of giving your child a good life. Write an adoption poem that says something about why you had to give him or her up.

Writing honestly about how letting go was the only way you could ever hope he or she may be well-cared for. Through your adoption poem, you might be able to share the hope that one day your child may understand your decision and not think less of you.

Start on your own path to self-healing by writing your own adoption poem. Read more about how other birth mothers have written their own poems and start from there. One adoption poem that is well-circulated over the Internet ends with a fervent prayer to a birth mother’s son, that as he looks back and wonders why she gave her up, he would see and understand that it was love that made her let him go.

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