Bird’s Poem ~ A Piano & Violin Tribute (anime amv)

Anime: Angel Beats, Ef: Tale of Memories, The Piano Forest, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama, Nodame Cantabile, D-Grayman, La Corda d’oro, Ouran High School Host Club, Black Butler, Myself;Yourself, Ef: Tale of Melodies

Song: Bird’s Poem
Merry Christmas everyone! I was going to make a video that was a little more fitting for the season, but for some reason this idea just really possessed me. As the title says, this is a tribute of sorts to two beautiful instruments that have been a huge part of my life for just about all of my life. The idea actually came to me in a dream (weird I know), but ever since then, I’ve been REALLY wanting to make this video. After listening to various instrumental anime tracks I chose Bird’s Poem from the anime Air as the song partly because it was one of the few simply violin/piano duet songs I could think of, and mainly because I’ve always found this song extremely emotionally moving even though I’ve never watched the anime. So, that’s the story behind this one and hopefully I will get around to making an actual Christmas amv this year. Enjoy 🙂

Here’s hoping that Youtube doesn’t kill me for this video. But if I do get a strike, it will be my third and final, so please make sure to subscribe to my backup account! please?

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