Choosing Appropriate in Memory of Quotes for Loved Ones

Many people who lose loved ones choose to add in memory of quotes to memorial garden stones, benches, or other keepsakes. Finding a quote that honors the person you love can be a difficult task. Fortunately, a search online may provide you with many ideas. You can personalize the quote by adding “in memory of (name of the loved one).” Such memorials often provide comfort to grieving individuals who wish to honor the person they have lost in their life.

If you are purchasing a gift for a friend, family member, coworker, or associate, there are many beautiful poems or quotes that can be displayed in memory of a lost loved one. Consider using a phrase from a favorite poem or passage from a book. Words that express sympathy or that honors the deceased are often comforting to a grieving individual.

A beautiful way to honor a loved one is to plant a tree for them. This provides a bonding experience for fellow mourners. A tree offers a living memorial that inspires memories, courage, and eternal love. Some choose to plant several trees in honor of their loved one or a single tree that can be visited for many years into the future. An engraved stone can be added next to the tree that states whom the tree was planted in memory of. Simple in memory of quotes such as “This tree was planted in memory of…” or “in memory of…” provide a way to dedicate the tree to a loved one.

The same type of engraved stones can be placed next to a garden that is in memory of a loved one. If the grieving person or family enjoys working outside in a garden, a garden memorial stone may provide a constant level of support and allow them to honor their loved one in a positive environment. Again, an engraving that includes “in memory of” and the loved one’s name is a simple, yet beautiful way to honor them. You will also find stores that specialize in engraving quotes or poems into stones for this purpose.

Choosing in memory of quotes does not have to be as difficult as it may seem at first. Search for quotes online and choose one that speaks to you. If a loved one had a favorite author, search for appropriate quotes by that author. Searching through products at online bereavement stores will offer you the widest selection of keepsakes that include beautiful memory quotes.

Source by Renee Wood, MSW

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