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Colors Song – Nursery Rhymes Songs With Lyrics And Action | Poems For Kids And Children

This nursery rhyme/song is a preschool/kindergarten song which helps kids and small children learn color names – brown, blue, red, black, white, orange and also animal names. The animals are driving different colored cars and this will help kids,babies,toddlers and children learn new colors in a fun and an entertaining way. Parents can show this video to their toddlers and kids between the age of 1 to 4 especially to children about to start play school.

Our animal characters Zebra, Tiger, Monkey, Birds, Cow, Crocodile, Lion, Panda, Sheep, Dog and Cat are driving cars of varied colors on a very colorful picturesque hilly region accompanied by very soothing music.

Our channel aims at spreading joy to all the children and parents through our 3D animated rhymes for children. These children rhymes will surely educate and entertain your kids. While producing the music for children we also take care that the music sounds pleasing to their ears and also to you. We put in a lot of effort to make our channel joyful for your kids. Hope you enjoy our videos!

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The zebra is driving a brown brown car
and he is wearing a brown brown hat
He is eating a brown brown chocolate
And the car goes zoom zoom zoom!

The monkey is driving a blue blue car
and he is wearing a blue blue shirt
Colour of the car is just like blue sky
where the birds fly so high!

The cow is driving a red red car
and eating a red red apple
an apple a day keeps the doctor away
this is what the cow has to say!


The lion is driving a black black car
the tyres of the car go round and round
the color of the tyres are black black
And the car goes zoom zoom zoom!

The sheep are going in a white white car
the color of their fur is also white
driving in the car they look so cute
zoom zoom zoom the white car goes!

The Dog is driving an orange car
and he is chewing on an orange carrot
the cat in the orange car goes miaaun miaaun miaaun
The dog goes bhaou, bhaou, bhaou!


All these cars are in beautiful colours
zoom zoom zoom they go one by one!
hope you have learned all these colours?
lets sing the colors song again!

Music – Justin And Uday Duo
Singer – Anandi Khanna


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