Common Mistakes to be Avoided While Writing Articles, Stories, Poems

Articles, stories, poems and pieces are all over the internet today. These are the best means of drawing in people to a website. There are hundreds and hundreds of writers in the world today are now busy writing and designing their articles, stories and poems. However, there are some common mistakes that might not allow their write ups to come up on the websites that they have always dreamt of.

Let us discuss some of the mistakes that we often make while writing articles, stories, poems:

• Grammatical errors, punctuations errors and spelling errors are very common while writing. Even the most efficient writer might end up making these mistakes at some point of time while writing. These mistakes are usually unintentional, but can prove to be fatal errors during publishing. It can as well ruin a writer’s life!

• Do not go over-the-top while you are writing. Today people only like to read articles, stories and poems that are short and easy to understand. They want pieces small bites of informative pieces that can be digested easily. So don’t exaggerate.

• Maintaining the same “voice” throughout your articles, stories, poems is very important as well. At any point, your reader should not feel like he/she is reading different pieces written in one file. That’s simply not done!

• If you are trying to write articles, stories, poems for the readers whom you don’t know, change your mind set. You must put yourself in the reader’s shoes and analyze whether or not you like what you have written. Articles are usually generalized; stories should be interesting and poems should be understandable. If you cannot relate with what you have written, your readers will never be able to do so.

• In case of writing articles, stories, poems you should have a catchy title, followed by proper use of words. Don’t just try to copy titles or alter a few words. That will degrade your work and you will never be able to gain recognition as a genuine writer. So, don’t even make an attempt to do so.

• Writing poems is not so easy. While article writing will involve just proper use of vocabulary and grammar and well constructed sentences, poems can be really tough to write if you are not interested in it. Nobody can become a poet over night.

• Superficial content in short stories is not wanted. Stories are written with lot of passion and research. Trying to copy from here and there and including superficial content can only bring you down as a writer. Rather try to write something that is neutral and quite interesting to read.

• Do not try to overburden your readers with heavy words and sentences. Try to maintain a perfect balance of words no matter what you are writing, be extra careful when you are writing articles as readers usually do not have the time and patience it takes to read through overburdening articles, stories, poems.

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