Components of Urdu Poem

Every poem of Urdu poetry is unique and unequalled, but as all genres of literature Urdu poetry also has it scruples and principles and every Urdu poem has basic ingredients which are essential.  So, let’s find out what these ingredients and principles are.
The form of each Urdu poem is called ghazal. Ghazal is a collection of many couplets, called ashaar. Each couplet called sher expresses certain though which is different from thought in other couplet. Each Urdu poem also contains the following components: bahar, radeef, matla, maqta, and qafiya. Here are meanings of above mentioned terms:
Bahar – is a meter or length of the couplet. Each line of the couplet must have the same bahar. There are 19 types of bahar and they can be short, medium or long ones.
Radeef – is a word or phrase which is repeated in the end of second line of each couplet. Redeef must be the same all the time within the poem.
Malta – is referred to the first couplet of ghazal.
Maqta – usuaaly Urdu poets wrote their works using definite pen-name which is called Takhallus. They included this Takhallus in the last couplet of the poem; it was something like a signature. So, the last couplet with Takhallus is called maqta.
Qafiya – is a rhyming patters used before radeef in the end of every couplet.
 In modem Urdu poems the usage of all rules is not so strict and some departures are possible. But it is necessary to remember the main rules – every couplet has different theme, every couplet should have the same bahar, every couplet has radeef, malta but may not have maqta.

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