Depression and Sad Poems

Sad poems are often written by people. The cause for a writer to write sad poetry can be because of depression, the death of a friend or the feelings of anger. A lot of times people like to read sad poems because they can relate to it.

When a poet is feeling depressed they may turn to writing sad poetry. Their depression can come from a number of things such as loneliness, failure or desires. Poems about loneliness are usually based on the writer having few to no friends. Because so many writers in the world deal with loneliness this type of poem gets written a lot. When people fail in something such as a test, a game or fail to impression somebody it can cause them to write a sad poem. When most people write a sad poem about failure they describe what the failure was about which can help someone who reads the poem identify why the writer wrote the sad poem. When people want something such as a new car but do not have the money to buy one it can lead to them writing a sad poem because of their desires.

Poets write poems about the death of a family member or somebody they knew a lot. When it comes to these types of poems they may be about the poet’s mother or father. Even though it is sad poetry a lot of times in the poem will be good things that the person has remembered about their family member. So some sad poems can be both sad and happy. When writers lose someone that they knew such as a friend it can cause them to write a sad poem. These types of poems may both describe the person and how they came to their death. Because most people lose friends to death in their life time a poem such as this can be easy for the readers to relate to.

When people get angry about something it can cause them to write sad poetry. The cause could be something simple or something major. Many times when this is the reason behind them writing a poem the poem may not even be about what got them sad but about something totally different. People get angry all the time about different things. A small thing such as a disagreement in opinions with another person can lead a writer to writing a sad poem based on those angry emotions. When a person becomes angry over something that is major in their life such as a relationship break up it can easily cause them to write poem that tells all about the break up.

Sad poems can be found in many different places. Such as in cards, on pictures, and poetry books. Sad poems can also be found online. Writers may write sad poems online so that it can be read by others and so that they can receive feedback in many cases. Although it may not be the most searched for poetry it is one of the most commonly written form of poetry.

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