Driving: A Stop-Motion Poem

“Driving” is a stop-motion poem I wrote and animated for school. I chose this project because I love poetry and photography. This is the first time I stop-animated anything, but if it proves to be worthwhile, I’ll animate more of my poetry in the future. I apologize that I am not the best artist.
The song in the background is “Yellow Light” by an amazing band, “Of Monsters and Men.” I DO NOT OWN THE SONG. I also don’t own the copyright to the toy car with Dexter and DeeDee chilling in it.
Enjoy 🙂


The first time you took me driving I drew circles in the blacktop of the elementary school. Tracing the rim of the ice-skating rink I knew all too well, the wells I avoided after the closing scene of The Ring, the ring I ripped off of my bookmark and wore to hide from pupils, the pupils that flooded when I told you it didn’t work.

You asked me if I was ready for lines, rectangles, right angles. I told you no, I was never much of a mathematician. My mind was parked in childhood, and I had no intention of leaving. The clock was fixed at 10 and 2, but for me the day was still young. I still clung to pixie dust and passenger seat. My feet were not ready to greet the dangers of the gas pedal. The stick shift was a stranger that lifted my heart to my ears. I could hear the fear pounding through me every time I started the ignition.

So I kept driving in circles. Circles, where the iced blades could not get me if I fell. Circles, where new was not a virtue. Circles, where north was south, east was west, old was young, 10 was 2.


Fahad Hameed

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