Dusvidaaniyaan||Mulakaat||The Love Poem

Ladies and Gentlemen.
Presenting to you the first official Soundtrack of Creannovent Studios’ maiden production “Mulakaat”; called “Dusvidaaniyaan”..
Starring-Sunaina Batra, Ayishik
DOP-Swati Chauhan
Sound Design- C Sound
Editor-Karthik Chandrasekhar
VFX- C CineLabs
Costumes- Mahima Bisht
Stills- Nishi Agarwal
Background Score and Music- Pratik Pathak
Production Design- Dileep Chemboli
Story,Screenplay,Dialogues- Ayishik Nag
Producer- Sunaina Batra, Shubham Dey
Director- Sarvapria Kumaraswamy
A story of an ambitious boy chasing his dreams and all of a sudden bumps into a girl with whom he had no contacts for the last eight years but were supposedly best of friends in their school days. What happens next is surely something to watch out for.
Audi track to be out very soon across iTunes, Google Play Music, Saavn and Amazon Music.
Full Film HD Now Exclusively on YouTube.


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6 thoughts on “Dusvidaaniyaan||Mulakaat||The Love Poem

  • September 8, 2017 at 12:55 pm

    The lines are good. But a bit of voice modulation would have been better. Sadness expressed in the words couldn't find the way to the viewers heart, the way of narration made it like a story being narrated to a new audience.
    Improvement in the particular scene would surely mean adding a bit more grief in the actor's voice that felt missing.
    The background score is good. But a few lines lightly in the background by a playback on theme of goodbyes will surely be much more appealing. The last 10 secs or so without any narration feels empty, add a playback singer.
    Just spotting some loose ends doesn't mean the concept itself is broken, it's just that a bit more effort and enjoy the rewards.
    God bless.


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