Eulogy Tips – Tips For Delivering a Great Eulogy

Do you need of some eulogy tips in a hurry? Have you been asked to give a eulogy speech at a funeral? Are you in a panic wondering how you will pull your emotions together to produce a great eulogy? Relax, it will be easier than you think.  Here are some eulogy tips you can use.

  • Take a deep breath.  A eulogy doesn’t have to be a big fancy speech full of fancy words.  A wonderful and memorable eulogy is a heartfelt expression of love and a celebration of having the honor of knowing and loving someone special before they passed away.  If what you say expresses why the person you are speaking about is special to you, everyone will appreciate your efforts.  No one is judging negatively.
  • Share a story.  Let everyone know why the deceased is so special. Share a story about a time you shared.  Real experiences and stories personalize your speech and make it special.
  • Don’t be afraid to share are a laugh.  Laughter through tears is one of life’s greatest emotions.  A funny story about a loved one who passed away is a wonderful thing to share.  Make sure it is not at his or her expense.  But rather show what a fun person they were to have around.  Keep it classy and limit the funny stories to one or two.
  • This is a sad moment, but it is also a celebration of life.  Think about what you would want shared at your eulogy.
  • There are some quotes and poems that you can find to add a special touch to your eulogy.
  • Do not feel responsible for speaking for everyone.  Speak for yourself and your feelings and it will be appreciated by all.
  • If you are afraid that you may fall apart while delivering the eulogy, pick a signal that will signal a friend or family member will step in.

Keep these eulogy tips in mind and speak from your heart.  Your eulogy will be wonderful.

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