Gerard Nolst Trenité “The Chaos” (1922) Poem – English (UK) Accent

Technically there’s no correct way of reading this, since accents can alter the sound of words and syllabic emphasis. You’ll notice that food/would, cough/enough and canary/aerie do not rhyme for me.

My own accent isn’t really received pronunciation; I grew up in the north of England and have since lived in the south, so sometimes my ‘a’s are flat (e.g. I say moustache as ‘must-ash’) and sometimes they’re more rounded (glass is pronounced gl-ar-ss). Just to add confusion, my mother, who’s from the south, pronounces moustache as ‘must-osh’.

There are also generational differences. My parents will pronounce ‘ate’ as ‘et’, while I’ve picked up the more American pronunciation of ‘eight’. I also tend to switch between neither as ‘n-eye-ther’ and ‘n-ee-ther’, depending on the context.

Edit: Oh, and I misread viscous as vicious. Even natives get wrong sometimes!


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