Getting a Quote For Your Electrical Work Do's and Don'ts

Getting a quote for services is the most basic of business practices. With electrical services however, it’s also a potentially tricky process. There’s a potential risk in terms of a range of issues, from specifications to even just describing the job. It’s important, when asking for a quote, to have a good knowledge of how to get a full quote for all services required, and to make sure you’re doing things properly.

Electrical quotes basics

Quotes for major electrical work are basically a series of tasks, which need to be specified in the contract.

Specifications: It’s absolutely essential to fully describe the work required. This can be complex, and should be overseen by a qualified person before being submitted for legal review.
Quality requirements: Australian electrical work is conducted under the relevant Australian Standards. It’s a reasonable expectation that work will be carried out to these standards.
Guarantees on work: Electrical contractors are obliged to provide service in terms of any issues arising after completion for the period of guarantee specified in a quote or if not specified under basic statutory warranties. Support and remedial work is normally specified in contracts.
The Do’s- creating a job specification

Specifications for quotes must be made meticulously. The quote is a commitment to provision of service, and the job must be fully described for an accurate quote. Both parties to an electrical quote need to be on the same page throughout the quotation process. The problem is that it is possible for parts of a job to be omitted unintentionally, or the wrong specifications might slip by either party, leading to problems for both parties.

The Don’ts- Things to avoid when asking for a quote

The requirements for accuracy when asking for a quote include several “Don’ts”:

Do not disregard the most expensive quote. This may be a full service, accurate quote including high quality service. Cheaper quotes aren’t necessarily better quotes. Major differences in quotes may mean major issues in performance.
Do not ignore unclear information on quotes. It’s non-information in commercial and legal terms until it’s clarified. You can ask for an accurate, revised quote which commits to a clear performance task.
Do not allow a “rubber stamp” process when reviewing quotes. Quotes should be examined in detail prior to management approval. Comparative quotes should be assessed and a report provided for consideration.
Getting the quote- a checklist

The quote checklist is simple, but effective:

Quote complies in full with contract requirements?
Quote has been individually examined in detail?
Quote includes appropriate performance and service elements?
Quote includes complete, itemized specifications of job?
The price quoted is within an acceptable commercial bandwidth?
Quote is clearly superior in quality to competing quotes?
You’ll find a noticeable difference in quality in the selected quote and the other quotes. Professional electricians provide full quotes to the best business standards. This is the benchmark for selecting the right quote.

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